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Mikelat's PoE Aura Calculator

Nuk's Fork || Last update: 09th Oct 2020 || PoE Patch: 3.12.2 (Heist)

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Change Logs

Updated for PoE Patch 3.12.2

09th Oct 20207
Major Fixes:
- Supreme Ego no longer blocks Buffs and Curses
(However you must select aura first in said group, working on fix)
28th Sept 20207
- Added Replica Hyyri's (50% less mana reservation for Hatred)
27th Sept 20207
Major Fixes:
- Fixed Precision not working.

- Added Replica Perfect Form (100% reduced mana cost of Flesh and Stone)

- Enlighten and Local Reduced/Increased Mana no longer scale Aspect Skills, this is to reflect how it works in game
26th Sept 2020
Major Fixes:
- Blasphemy bug was fixed, they are now fully fixed and functional.

- Maim Support Gem in Loval Groupes.
- Support for New Herald Reservation nodes on the tree (2 Small Nodes and Discord Artisan)
- Midnight Bargains have been reenabled, since URL encoding was expended.

- Circle of XYZ is now an inputed Reduced Mana Reserved. (Was a locked 40%)

- Ascendancy Bonuses. (This was pointless since Calc does not know your aura efffect for each aura.)
25th Sept 2020
- Support for Cluster Reservation Notables: Pure Guile, Aptitude, Might, Self-Control, Sublime Form, Uncompromising, Master of Command
(Currently cannot stack multiple of same notables)
- Bandaide fix for Blasphemies not calculating properly on globa.
- Larger Encoding possible now.

- Order and grouping of Skills, Items and Options. (now more logical)
24th Sept 2020
- Support for 10% and 15% Redcued mana reserved Shields
- Support for Amulet and Jewel Reduced Mana.
- Support for Vivinsect Ring.
- Support for Skitterbots
- Support for Awakened Blasphemy (Currently Assumes it's Level 5/6)

- Reduced Mana from Tree now capped at 100 (was 60)
- Vitality Reservation to Flat Cost per level (was 35% at all levels)
- Displayed Order of Auras, now paired logicaly (was ordered alphabetically)
- Changed Aspect to be either on or off (was 0 to 4) (You can only have 1 aspect on anyways) Changed:

- Midnight Bargain (Free up some encoding slots this will be readded later on)
- Removed Generosity (This served no purposes)

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